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flower petals

For the past year, I have been telling myself this would be my final photographic story so I can take a break from this unpredictable hobby at least until the world stabilizes from her precarious condition. However, one picturesque spring day in the park, my camera leaped from my pocket, of course metaphorically, to capture a picture of our daughter, Yuki, offering a flower she had found to my father. This innocent gesture deeply moved me. From that moment I began to consider how I could possibly share this inexplicable feeling, hence the foundation of our story, Flower Petals, began.


Perhaps it is the purity of children and nature that speaks most directly to our hearts, reminding us that there is a sacred place beyond words that communicates to us in unexpected ways. Such as a two-year-old sharing a flower with her grandfather without expectations of praise or recognition as a sparrow might gently chirp a song, bringing joy to people she has never met and might not meet again.


Our connection with nature’s purity gives rise to these seemingly small yet profoundly touching moments. This theme of being touched or inspired reminds me of my high school English literature teacher, Ms. Stone, who despite suffering from cancer encouraged me through my challenges and taught me to not give up on myself. In a similar way, the childhood writer and poet Mattie Stepanek, who is quoted above, inspired many towards peace while he himself resiliently endured terminal illness. It is people like this, who courageously embody these compassionate qualities no matter the circumstances so that many including myself can be here today sharing flower petals.


At the end of this book, there is a response by a healer, who works as a psychotherapist, to impart her wisdom and inspiration. I hope this book can be a useful companion to your journey and remind us of what we sometimes lose track of. 

Flower Petals
12 min
Flower Petals Book
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