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By Hart Ginsburg

The montages below are mainly drawn from the photographs of our books, we hope this format can be an alternative source of reflecting upon the narratives and how our experiences might connect or inspire a new perspective. Each slide show intends to provide a unique visual journey to hopefully bring moments of contemplation and discovery to your day.


Urban Pace

By Hart Ginsburg

Urban Pace provides viewers with moments of discovery, meaning, and reflection within life’s uncertainty. Each book focuses on different themes relating to human existence, with interviews of people in the healing professions to offer insight and guidance in managing to find balance in the midst of our often busy and even chaotic lives.


パープル:Purple Umbrella

By Hart Ginsburg

We hope the subsequent montage narrative will be a useful tool to provoke contemplation upon the nuances between being open or flexible and being safe. In the final section of this book, we interview Dr. Stanley McCracken, a senior professor of Social Work at the University of Chicago, focusing upon the complexities of the innate human fight and flight response.

We offer Purple Umbrella not as a weapon of our own, but rather as something gentler than that – a steaming cup of frothy coffee or chai latte that you can slowly sip to keep you warm during your journey.

0829_moc9 copy.jpg

Flower Petals

By Hart Ginsburg

Perhaps it is the purity of children and nature that speaks most directly to our hearts, reminding us that there is a sacred place beyond words that communicates to us in unexpected ways. Such as a two-year-old sharing a flower with her grandfather without expectations of praise or recognition as a sparrow might gently chirp a song, bringing joy to people she has never met and might not meet again.



By Hart Ginsburg

After completing the Urban Pace trilogy, we have commenced on a new series entitled Echoes. The name was chosen with the thought that each life, consciously or unconsciously, echoes infinitely like a dancing shadow as Carl Sandburg’s poetry does for many. Echoes intends to present an enriching perspective on the seemingly ordinary aspects of life. We also hope this will provide a platform for other urban artists and healers to learn how they find balance and meaning in their everyday lives.

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