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Through impromptu street interviews, with the intention to broaden the perspective on the possibilities and depth of our existence, these short films explore psychological themes relating to loss, trauma and the resilience of the human spirit to transcend obstacles.

Tides of Sunrise

The inception of the film Tides of Sunrise emerged when I was organizing a montage of photographs upon themes related to the lifespan. During that time my brother, Arlen, sent me a song he had composed, The Oneness of People. I was inspired by his heartfelt song to enrich the film musically by using three separate but connected themes based on my brother’s original composition. This music underlines the photographs we selected to portray the ephemeral yet poignant nature of life and relationships, in particular, the bond between mother and child. Perhaps the birth of my own first child, awakened me to the courageousness of motherhood as I witnessed the depth of love and sacrifice of many mothers for their children. We further attempted to depict how our human lives are nourished by nature’s presence; from the air, we breathe to the water we drink. So the title, Tides of Sunrise, reflects that life is dependent upon nature’s movements (tides) and that the warmth and fleeting moments of the sunrise can be compared with the bond between a loving mother and her child in their ephemeral moments together.

Street Echoes

Street Echoes attempts to draw upon and highlight the connections of nature and the inner states of people; from fear and pain to courage and empathy. The motif of ripples is visually explored to highlight the transient yet connective elements of life. The interplay of music and imagery through the narrative arc offers an inspirational journey for the viewer to touch upon the possibility of human transformation. The title Street Echoes stems from the thought that the words we convey will echo in the hearts and minds of others for eternity.


Reflections aim to provide the viewer with a unique documentary experience, where the documentarian becomes a shadow character in the film to enhance the interactive experience of the film, focusing on themes of identity, freedom, and the role of government in society.

Remember U

Remember U explores existential perspectives of the meaning of life and loss, reminding us of the potential of the human spirit and it’s resilience to overcome the suffering of various forms, including substance abuse and bereavement.


Aijo, meaning love in Japanese, examines the relevance of the Rogerian concept of “unconditional love” in contemporary urban society. Through in-the-moment responses of city residents, Aijo highlights the underlying themes of relationships, spirituality, and recovery, within the context of a visual narrative thread.

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