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Digital Tapestries' "Freeze" Examines Talk Therapy & Trauma

Digital Tapestries has released a new film series, “Freeze,” that examines the limits of talk therapy in helping trauma survivors recover from their experiences. “Freeze” also showcases the healing role art can play in a survivor’s healing journey, whether by exploring Chicago’s architecture and public art or by communing with music.


Get to know our voiceover artist: Lizan Raquel Gonzalez

Lizan Raquel Gonzalez is a proud 35-year old Mexican American woman living on the South Side of Chicago, and a mother of two wonderful children. For the past 4 years, she has had  the honor of working with Jonas Hart Ginsburg at Digital Tapestries as a film voiceover artist– an opportunity that has allowed self expression in her life by using her voice to help send many messages and invoke feelings of nostalgia in both the viewer and in herself.

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Healing: Interview with Hart Ginsburg Blog

Recently, Digital Tapestries’ Founder, Hart Ginsburg spoke to Universal Cinema Film and TV Journal to discuss his short film “Healing”. “Healing” has been selected by the Toronto Independent Festival of Cift as the Best Experimental Short in their August 2021 competition.

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Join our webinar series: Racial Healing on August 24!

We invite you to join an insightful discussion of the journey from racial trauma to racial healing in our second virtual event Healing Our Communities, which will take place on Tuesday, August 24, from 6pm - 7:30pm CST. The event will include a screening of Digital Tapestries’ short film Still Connecting curated by Danbee Kim and Hart Ginsburg.

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Join our new Webinar Series: Racial Healing!

George Floyd. Xiaojie Tan. Breonna Taylor. Daoyou Feng. Daunte Wright.


These names — among too many others — trigger the anger, sadness, fear, and trauma brought by the horrendous acts of racism in our society. The mere passage of time following such tragedies does not relieve the pain. Racial healing requires more than time.  It calls for a deep conversation that builds our commitment to achieving a society of equity, peace and justice.


Response Art for Healing Featured During our Next Webinar

Art allows us to share our innermost feelings through interaction with a creative medium. With this in mind, the upcoming session of our webinar series "Healing Through Art and Music" on Thursday, April 22 will feature a response art segment led by Digital Tapestries’ founder Hart Ginsburg, a licensed clinical professional counselor.


Get to know our moderator: Stan McCracken

For many, finding one’s purpose is a task that takes a lifetime to determine. American essayist, poet, and popular philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson stated that “the purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.” This month's webinar moderator, Stan McCracken, has made this his motto.  

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WEBINAR: Healing Through Art and Music 

The arrival of Spring has brought with it the melodic chirping of birds, lush flowers in bloom and more readily available vaccinations, as well as the hope that the challenges of the past year are finally beginning to subside. 

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WEBINAR: Healing Through Art and Music Event Recap

Digital Tapestries hosted the third session of our five-part, monthly webinar series “Healing Through Art and Music” on Saturday, March 27. Continuing our exploration of five strategies for self-care, this event was centered on Escape. 

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WEBINAR: Healing Through Art and Music 

With the coming of spring and flowers ready to bloom, COVID-19 vaccines are becoming more readily available. After a year of combating the global pandemic, a light at the end of the tunnel can be seen. As we turn this corner, the art that has helped so many of us through this hardship continues to play a key role in our lives. 

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WEBINAR: Healing Through Art and Music 

At Digital Tapestries, we often use the phrase “healing through art” because we believe that art plays a significant role in the process of healing. As we still face the global pandemic and other challenges, art and music continue to be a crucial part of our lives.


WEBINAR: Healing Through Art and Music 

Throughout the challenges that we face, music continues to play a crucial role in our lives. In this spirit, Digital Tapestries is hosting a webinar series, Healing Through Art and Music. It is centered around self-care strategies through art and music.

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WEBINAR: Healing Through Art and Music 

Music and art is an essential human quality that connects us all and can often serve as a means of healing, allowing us to share our innermost feelings. While we still face a global pandemic and the challenges that come with it, music continues to play a crucial role in our lives.


WEBINAR: Healing Through Art and Music Event Recap

Last Saturday, January 30th, Digital Tapestries hosted the first session of our five-part, monthly webinar series: “Healing Through Art and Music.” Our intention with this series is to explore the elements of healing found in art through five strategies for self-care. The first of these strategies, expression, was the focal point of our inaugural event this past weekend. 

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WEBINAR: Music and Healing

Music is an essential part of life and a beautiful technique for healing. As the pandemic continues to affect us, music has proved to be a coping mechanism for many people. Music helps to promote  mental health maintenance and provides relief to those struggling with mental and emotional challenges. It is a way to temporarily escape, forget about struggles and focus on the art itself. 


Digital Tapestries Zoom Film Screening

We recently interviewed Jason about his work with Digital Tapestries and the process that goes into creating audio for a short film. Read his interview here to learn about the collaboration that goes into our films and more about Jason’s story.

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Finding Direction To Move Forward

In these times of uncertainty, it is easy to feel as if you have lost your direction and are longing for the times that you wish to return. In hopes of offering you some comfort, we’d like to introduce you to our new film “Directions,” the latest in our Fall Leaves series of the Music and Imagery Collection.

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Our Film 36 Hats Will Be Screened At The Chi-Town Multicultural Film Festival

Digital Tapestries is excited to announce that our film 36 Hats will be featured in the upcoming Chi-Town Multicultural Film Festival. This is our fourth year participating in the festival and we are delighted to be part of this event. 

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Responsive Approaches to Mental Health During Times of Extreme Uncertainty

Digital Tapestries understands how challenging these times of racial injustice and the pandemic have been on underrepresented communities. We are working to find ways to help those who may be struggling. Our founder, Hart Ginsburg, is currently volunteering free psychotherapy services through The Wingspan Project’s Access for All/Community Response Program. This program is working to bring services to individuals from communities of color, in particular, those historically impacted by racial injustice, police violence and brutality, recent protests, and those who have been arrested as a result of protesting. In addition they are working to help individuals whose financial circumstances have been further compromised as a result of COVID-19. 


Webinar on Maintaining Mental Health Through Nature and Art

Many people often forget or are never taught or reminded to take care of their mental health. We are increasingly aware that many people need to prioritize mental health maintenance, especially during these challenging times. Jonas Hart Ginsburg, the founder of Digital Tapestries, will facilitate a program on maintaining mental health through nature and art. Dr. Stan McCracken, a lecturer emeritus from the University of Chicago School of Social Service Administration (SSA) will co-facilitate the program. 


Healing Through Art

At Digital Tapestries, we often use the phrase, “healing through art” because we believe that art is an important aspect of our lives, especially for our mental health. The pandemic has forced us to stay indoors and for some people, this has been a very challenging transition. It is essential that we take care of our mental health while we are apart from our friends and family. We must talk to those around us or seek professional help if necessary. Digital Tapestries is here for you.

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Ocean's Romance: Relationship With Nature

Bodies of water like lakes and oceans have infinite patterns. Our film Ocean’s Romance, written and composed by Arlen Hart Ginsburg with imagery by Jonas Hart Ginsburg, shows images of Lake Michigan paired with brief melodies and tails of sustaining notes to create a flow of patterned music. 

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Our Film 36 Hats Selected Into Chi-Town Multicultural Film Festival

We’re pleased to share the news that our film 36 Hats from our Purple Trilogy series has been accepted into the Chi-Town Multicultural Film Festival, an annual film festival that usually takes place at the Reva and David Logan Center for the Arts at the University of Chicago in November. 


Ordinary Stories - People

We'd like to introduce our new series titled Healing Through Art on our YouTube channel! In this series, you will find a collection of our original photos that capture the natural rawness of the world around us. We’ve hand-selected the images and music to give you insight into different experiences, some abstract and some mundane. 

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Taking A Step Back To Reflect

Our new film Steps is the latest short film in our music and imagery section, taking on the important theme of self-reflection. We are all experiencing new forms of loss in these unusual times and it is apparent that we must give ourselves moments to grieve. Especially now, we must create spaces dedicated to acceptance and healing through the release of grief. 

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Dreaming In a Time of Uncertainty

Our new film Dreams features a person on a boat as a reference to the journey that many refugees take to survive. Sometimes we find it hard to achieve our dreams as obstacles get in the way of our path to success. There is no perfect formula for achieving what we want, yet we can do small things to overcome those challenges that impose on our journey. We hope that Dreams provides you a meditative space to discover your own questions and meanings and most importantly to dream. 

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Our film Roots Grow Together was featured in the Fine Arts Film Festival!

We are so excited to share the news that our short film Roots Grow Together was featured in The Fine Arts Film Festival sponsored by the Venice Institute of Contemporary Art (ViCA) this year! 


Evening Meditation: Learning To Surf

As the sun sets on the horizon, the end of the day might feel like a breath of fresh air after all the events that may have occurred. Meditation and mindfulness practices in the evening can be a relaxing way to finish the day and reflect on all that you may have done. Meditation and mindfulness can bring peace, serenity, and calmness to your mind. Our third mediation film is called Evening Meditation. We encourage you to wind down each day by using resources like our mediation series or taking a stroll around your neighborhood. It can be enjoyable and rewarding!

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Afternoon Peace

Afternoons can bring moments of high stress. Sometimes going through a busy day can lead to mental exhaustion. As our days and weeks get busy we tend to forget to check in on our mental health. Our mental state is equally as important as our physical as it affects our well-being as a whole. It’s essential to practice and to prioritize regular mental-health maintenance. Methods such as meditation, journaling, or taking a walk outdoors are ways we can give our mental health a break and moment to relax. Our meditation series includes our film Afternoon Meditation, which can be used to help one connect with nature through pictures and soothing sounds while you pause your day for an afternoon deep breath.

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Morning Meditation with Nature's Rhythyms

As the sun rises from the horizon and the birds start to chirp, our bodies begin to awake from their daily slumber. Morning Meditation is part of our meditation series. We hope this film guides you and helps you awaken your spirits for the day and connect with nature’s rhythms. Connecting to nature and finding that soothing calmness in the morning can help us go through our day with more positivity and happiness.


Changing the Pattern with Natural Beauty

and Harmony

It’s in our human nature to follow a routine or pattern as we live our lives. We wake up to the sound of our alarms, head out the door, and walk past masses of people that we don’t know as we reach our working destination. Red Latte is a collection of images, music, and voice that remind us that sometimes we can take a different path than what we are used to.


Healing Each Other - Street Echoes: Narrative Documentary

The human race is incredibly special as no two of us are the same. We all hold hidden elements that contain wisdom and thus should be shared to create a safe space among each other. Especially during our current global crisis, it is important that we can share our scars and help each other heal. Street Echoes is a narrative documentary highlighting just a few stories of those sharing their fears and bravery. 


The Beauty of Embracing Our Differences

Digital Tapestries would like to share Embrace, the latest short film of our Together series. We hope this series has brought you a sense of togetherness as we work towards a new normal. Embrace focuses on the beauty of our differences and navigates through the idea that we can be different on the inside and out while still working together as one. We can lean on each other and embrace our differences which will lead us to be a stronger unit for each other. We’ve used elements of meditation and imagery to bring you an experience we hope you can connect to. 


Presenting "Fall Leaves" In Celebration of Father's Day!

As Father’s Day approaches, Digital Tapestries is proud to share our new short film Fall Leaves. Inspired by a majestic tree where children play underneath, Digital Tapestries founder and licensed psychotherapist Hart Ginsburg found the experience quite humbling. Fall Leaves explores the concepts of unconditional love for children through the tree and vulnerability of people.


Highligths of Digital Tapestries' Films

The visual art form of film is one of our favorite ways of sharing stories. Since 2015, Digital Tapestries has been creating films to offer experiences and awareness for healing through art and to encourage empathy for stronger human connections.


Digital Tapestries founder and licensed psychotherapist, Hart Ginsburg, shares his journey and how he was inspired to pursue storytelling through film.


Manos (“Hands”): Collective Strength of Diversity

As our country navigates uncertain times, it is important to remember the element that connects us all: humanity. Our latest short film, Manos (“Hands”) from our Purple series, is intended to provide a space for viewers to explore aspects of diversity through mundane encounters, which represent the collective strength of diversity and togetherness when hands come together for a greater purpose.

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Together Series Part II: Skies

As humans, living with a basic level of certainty that we are safe can provide us with a protective feeling of wellness. The current uncertain times--not only for us, but for our families, friends, and communities--can intensify our inner distress.


Digital Tapestries hopes to offer some solace with the Together Series. Founder Hart Ginsburg, a licensed psychotherapist, shared the stories that inspired the series. 


Digital Tapestries Welcomes Dr. Stan McCracken as Honorary Advisor

Dr. Stanley G. McCracken, an emeritus senior lecturer from the University of Chicago School of Social Service Administration (SSA), has joined Digital Tapestries as an Honorary Advisor. 

With over 40 years of experience as a clinician, Dr. McCracken has trained numerous social workers, psychologists, and psychiatrists. Upon his retirement from teaching, SSA celebrated him as “a true example of an exemplary social worker – someone who integrates theory, science, kindness, and compassionate service.”


Togetherness To Overcome Loneliness

Many people are feeling overwhelmed these days as all of our lives have shifted so quickly and so dramatically. While we all quarantine at home, loneliness becomes more pronounced because of the lack of human interaction. National Public Radio broadcast a report on “A Social Prescription: Why Human Connection Is Crucial To Our Health” with Dr. Vivek Murthy, former U.S. Surgeon General. This interview focuses on Dr. Murthy’s book, “Together,” in which he underscores “the importance of relationships, the hazards of loneliness, and what we can do to live a more people-centered life.”


The Mental Health Crisis & the Importance of Self Care

The outbreak of the new coronavirus disease has impacted many of us physically, financially, and emotionally, and many scientists and health experts have raised concerns over the consequent rise of domestic violence and mental health issues. Some experts are now predicting a mental health crisis nationally and internationally in the wake of the pandemic, and health agencies have started to address this possibility. 


Let Us Be Mindful of The Power of Nature

Our public parks are just now enjoying trees budding with green leaves and the flowers of spring, but some of them are still closed for social distancing, which has become the major effective tool that we have right now to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. However, even with the stay-at-home order in effect, spending time outdoors remains a necessity.


The Discomfort We’re Feeling Is Grief

As many of our schedules, life-styles and routines have changed dramatically during the COVID-19 crisis, our emotional well-being is inevitably impacted as well. Emotions like anxiety, fear, and sadness may all come to mind but what about the feeling of grief? David Kessler is a leading expert on grief and loss who has published pieces on the topic and is the founder of


Youth And Families

According to a number of experts, the experience of being quarantined in our households due to the COVID-19 pandemic poses a risk to some children. Rising unemployment and financial insecurity can create a heightened risk of violence, domestic violence or child abuse within families. At the same time, even families with fewer stressors can be experiencing challenges, and children whose lives have been disrupted may be experiencing anxiety and depression.


Together, There Will Be Another Day

With the unprecedented crisis we’re facing now, many people might be feeling that time stands still. Many are missing family and friends. Many may miss being in nature. Digital Tapestries would like to share our film, Tides of Sunrise, which showcases the deep, yet ephemeral emotions we experience throughout our lifetime. 


Finding Innocence In A Chaotic World

As the coronavirus pandemic is now intensifying across the U.S. and the stay-home order has been extended in some states including Illinois, many of us are overwhelmed by strong emotions of fear, uncertainty, sadness, anxiety, and isolation. Digital Tapestries would like to share our latest film, Flower Petals, in hopes of offering comfort and hope for our future where we can be physically connected again soon. Through this film, you’d be traveling to a world in which children’s innocence touches our hearts and their laughter encourages us to realize that we can’t give up now. 

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Physically Distant Yet We are Still Connected

In light of the COVID-19 crisis the world is facing today, people’s anxiety is at an all-time high. Digital Tapestries would like to share our work hoping that they’ll be useful to everyone in this extremely difficult time. Founded by Hart Ginsburg, a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC), our mission is to create compelling digital media and curate visual-arts experiences in hopes of nourishing and healing people’s mental and emotional state.