art response

Digital Tapestries applies art response with the belief that each participant has unique artistic capacities.

We hope to provide spaces where participants can share an artistic message connecting to existentialist themes for both personal and collective discoveries. Thank you for your participation, below are some of our past activities.

Art Response Activity with Roots Grow Together

On Valentine’s Day at the University of Illinois, Digital Tapestries was given the privilege to facilitate ‘Roots Grow Together’, an art response activity with Dr. Rooshey. The class focuses on past historical trauma and current conditions (including mental health topics) that impact Asian American communities. I was deeply impressed by the students’ abilities to convey their unique visions. We began the class by having students trace their hands, then they wrote down 5 of their most prominent past influences on each of their fingers. After showing our short film, ‘Roots Grow Together’, we had the students turn their hands into tree roots to symbolize future growth. The goals of this project were to: 1) increase awareness of how the past impacts our intersectional identities, and 2) encourage students to envision the type of future self-progression they want to develop.

Please view some of their images below.