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Highlights of Digital Tapestries
Digital Tapestries

Highlights of Digital Tapestries

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moon shadows

An image of a child looking towards the evening moon visited my thoughts one day or maybe it was a dream, from there an imaginary dialogue...



Recently, we had the chance to visit family in Tokyo and Kanagawa, Japan. Without a deliberate intention to film, only traveling with a cell phone and notepad, a dangerous thought emerged: What about visiting the infamous Shibuya intersection?


reflections on films

Reflections on Films is a new series that examines the creative journeys that bring our short films to life.

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In the midst of the virtual landscape where we can suddenly “freeze” or become disconnected from others, how might this be emblematic of our lives and times? Through Mort’s urban travels and virtual therapy...

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The lyrics for Niños unfortunately evolved after a school shooting. Working near this particular school, I often saw the children during their recess...

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flower petals

Perhaps, it is the purity or sincerity of children and nature that speaks directly to our hearts and souls, reminding us that there is a precious place beyond words that communicates to us...



The short film series is based upon the Purple – パープル – book trilogy, intending to create visceral and healing experiences for the audience incorporating…



The short film series is based upon the Echoes book trilogy, intending to create visceral and healing experiences for the audience incorporating musical and narrative…


narrative documentary

Through impromptu street interviews, with the intention to broaden the perspective on the possibilities and depth of our existence, these short films explore psychological themes relating…

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