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The short film series is based upon the Purple – パープル – book trilogy, intending to create visceral and healing experiences for the audience incorporating musical and narrative elements. Each film focuses on different metaphysical themes relating to the precious and interrelated qualities of human existence.

Purple Umbrella Trailer


Purple Umbrella


The Purple film trilogy began in the midst of a raining cold day in Chicago when I happened to notice an elderly woman crossing a busy intersection, holding onto a purple umbrella to protect her from the rain or perhaps the external uncertainties of existence. Likewise, this film series explores the hidden and perhaps protective meanings of seemingly everyday objects, such as umbrellas and our encounters with others. 

36 Hats Trailer


36 Hats


Josh, while looking in a mirror trying on multiple hats, has a vision of Mort in Chinatown. On his journey, he ends up encountering someone else.

36 hats which is the second film of the purple trilogy evolved from a conversation with my father about a hat my grandfather used to wear that still carries his warmth and character. This seemingly small object, in this case a hat, can guide us to unexpected places within ourselves or the landscapes around us. In 36 hats, the protagonist, Josh, who in the midst of choosing a hat to wear is taken on a mysterious journey through city streets in search of Mort but finds someone else. Who might this be?

Manos Trailer




As society faces painful divides, can our hands reach beyond our proximity to help others rise? As a childbearing witness to my mother gracefully sculpt figures, I began to see the potential of our hands, in terms of their aesthetic beauty, but more significantly the profound messages of wisdom and inspiration they can transmit. In Manos, we travel with Mort from the seemingly mundane predicament of choosing a donut to make a chess move, ultimately discovering something greater than his hand could reach.

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