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FEBRUARY 19, 2018

New Film: Footsteps


Spaces Trailer from Hart Ginsburg on Vimeo

Footsteps (10 minutes) is a short film with Arabic and Spanish versions produced by Digital Tapestries. The title Footsteps was chosen connecting to the underlying theme and visual motif of traces of human footsteps imprinted on the earth’s surface. The film through the central character, Mort, takes audience to work through our uncertain world and it is through his travels and engagement in society that we can reflect upon ourselves in how we live our lives. The film evokes questions on race and ethnicity and encourages us to believe what matters is not our external identity, but rather the way we choose to walk through our life. A sub-theme, through the metaphor of the child’s shoe, is that children guide us and it is by listening to their inner voice that we as adults can also find our way.

The film is based on a poem in a recently published book Footsteps written by Hart in response to discriminatory policies. Hart calls his artistic process Street Psychotherapy. “Through our ‘Street Psychotherapy,’ I hope to facilitate for our audience meditative moments of reflection and discovery beyond the surface of our human existence, by examining difficult themes, such as our current political landscape,” said Hart.

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